7 of the best Ibiza websites you can find online


We are very blessed that there are so many people in love with Ibiza. Our love for Ibiza was the motivation to start Ibiza Inside and to start sharing information about Ibiza from our personal point of view. We are privileged that we are part of a large group of Ibiza Insiders with the same goal in mind: share the Ibiza lifestyle. In this post we want to share our friends with you, so you can be inspired by different insights.

My Destination Ibiza

Our friends Ismael and Charlotte are doing a great job providing up to date information about. If you want to know what kind of events there are, you can take a look at their agenda and find all the relevant information. We love My destination Ibiza.

Ibiza My Destination

Ibiza Spotlight

Ibiza Spotlight is one of the oldest Ibiza websites online. It has a fantastic reputation, an easy to navigate website and you can find everything about partying there. It is also the best location to buy your club tickets online. Ibiza Spotlight is the resource for the young and the hip.

Ibiza Spotlight

              “We are blessed with so many good Ibiza information portals!”

White Ibiza

If you like style and beauty, you will certainly love this beautiful website. The website looks amazing with great pictures and makes you want to fly to Ibiza for your dream holiday straight away. You can find all sorts of information there. We especially love the fashion section of White Ibiza.

White Ibiza

Essential Ibiza

When you wish to read in-depth interviews and you want to see Ibiza from another perspective, you will love Essential Ibiza. The site looks stunning and you can book your VIP tables and club tickets as well. Essential Ibiza is a great resource for the Ibiza holiday-maker.

Essential Ibiza

Addicted to Ibiza

This is a very cool website. It has a very large social media representation and for us, being true social media fans, it provides a great smile on our face. The Facebook posts are fantastic to follow. On the website you can find a lot of information about flights, clubs and music. It also has a very cool iPhone app that is worth the try.

Addicted to Ibiza

Ibiza Voice

When you love music you must pay Ibiza Voice a visit. The site is beautifully designed and you can find interviews, Podcasts, reviews and much more. When you are on the website, you immediately feel like jumping on a plane to Ibiza and burn some serious dance floors in the Ibiza clubs.

I Voice Ibiza

Welcome to Ibiza

When you come to Ibiza often you must have seen the big signs alongside the road with ‘welcome to Ibiza.es’. They are the largest Ibiza website in the Spanish language and we love them. When you speak Spanish this is the place to be for all your Ibiza information, from music to villa rentals. Welcome to Ibiza has it all.


Welcome to Ibiza

We invite you to visit all of our friends’ websites, you will love them! Of course there are far more Ibiza websites than we mentioned here in this post. However, to mention them all would take up too much of your time. So remain on the lookout for part two of this post where we will share a lot more Ibiza websites we like. What is your favourite Ibiza website?

Virgil is the co founder of Ibiza Inside and together with Marisa he has a mission to help as many people all around the world to become better versions of themselves In body,mind and lifestyle. Ibiza is his base and the world is his stage.

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  1. Charlotte

    Thank you Virgil & Marisa – it is an honour to be included in your top 7 Ibiza websites and we love you too 🙂

  2. David

    ibiza.com the new Ibiza online guide. Up to date information on beaches, hotels, restaurants, parties and all other important events on the island.

  3. Nice work friends. We love to learn more about your website..

    Kind Regards,

    Marisa & Virgil

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  5. HI Marian,

    A great tip for a next blog post … Tell us more about your website…


    Marisa & Virgil

  6. marian

    so social-ibiza is taking all informations from facebook, youtube, twitter and soundlcloud and creates for the most important locations at ibiza like (pacha,amnesia,privilege) there profiles. Always updated !!
    in the same way we’re working on profiles with the djs.. all the informations we get about them comes from the biggest social networks. and we’re still building it bigger we want to connect them also to instagram and mixcloud.
    so also the galleries are coming from there owners (facebook) so this gives the possibilty to stay always up to date. if they are posting something at facebook (location or dj) you also will find it in our site. If you want have some informations about a dj or you will have a look to his videos you can see it in the easiest way on our page. without like them or follow them.. because a lot of people dont have an idea what are the official profiles of dj o locations..and the overview is much better !

    now we’re working on our profiles .. so you can register yourself and favourite videos or photos (if you need another time again you dont need to search).. and also you can get in touch with people from the island.. people who are living there they will have a special profiletype..

    so i think for the first time its enough. take a look to the page so you will see whats going on 🙂 or write me an email for getting special informations about this project.. or what is coming in future.. saludos y hasta pronto