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Pikes hotel by Tim Reeves IbizaPicture by Tim Reeves

Are you ready for a 24 hour party on New Years eve 2012-2013 on Ibiza? From private parties at ‘Pikes’ to dance-floor destruction at ‘DC10. Together with photographer Tim Reeves Ibiza DJ and writer Lisa Chadderton shares her New Year experiences….

New Years Eve On Ibiza

Well the much-hyped year of 2012 was drawing to a close and we were still alive, hooray! So, an extra excuse for celebration then? Like we ever need one, especially on the island of Ibiza. That said, Winter in Ibiza is a much quieter affair than the mania of summer, with far fewer events taking place. This means that when there is a big celebration on, the whole community likes to get together and New Years Eve is certainly no exception!

Pikes hotel by Tim Reeves IbizaPicture by Tim Reeves

The year of private parties

I personally couldn’t wait to go out and party over the New Year. Having been enjoying Ibiza’s natural winter beauty and slower pace, I was really ready to crawl out from under my rock and do some socialising and dancing! There was so much choice of where to go but in the end I decided to follow the tradition of many an island resident opting for private parties on New Years Eve itself and saving myself for the big one on New Years Day DC10! The private parties in question were in San Antonio, not my usual hang out but then these were not your usual events!

Pikes hotel by Tim Reeves IbizaPicture by Tim Reeves

Pikes Hotel

First up my friends and I started our celebrations at Pikes, where I had been invited to join a private party hosted by top band the Ting Ting’s. This was a real hush-hush affair, there had been no promotion at all and the event was strictly invitation only, so I felt very honoured to have been invited. The party was taking place in Freddy’s Suite, an all-white, rustic series of connected chambers that felt a bit like going down the rabbit hole into Alice’s wonderland! Roaring log fires completed the ambience and quickly took off the winter chill as we arrived. It was a very relaxed and genuine vibe. I was there early and noticed that every person that came through the door made an effort to go around and introduce themselves to those they didn’t know, little things like that make a big difference to me. There was no pretentiousness at all and guests were soon getting into the New Years Eve spirit to the sounds of a DJ set from the Ting Ting’s.

Pikes hotel by Tim Reeves Ibiza

Picture by Tim Reeves

Sunny Ramzan a wonderful host

Pikes’ Sunny Ramzan was a wonderful host as always, serving up amazing chunky samosas and onion bhaji’s followed by a mouth-watering curry. There was a totally cosy, homely, house party feel to the event, which is exactly what the organisers had been aiming for and exactly what I had been looking for. Big ticks all around then! The bedroom was where it all seemed to be going off and in addition to guests bouncing on the bed like big kids, there was a large canvass and a load of paint to keep us entertained. I really enjoyed getting creative and contributing to the piece and then watching it morph and change across the evening as more partygoers put brush to canvass.

Pikes hotel by Tim Reeves IbizaPicture by Tim Reeves

DJ Tom Peppe on the decks

Meanwhile next up on the decks was local DJ Tom Peppe who played a nice, melodic deep house set that got me grooving away with a big smile on my face. I had never heard Tom play before but I was really impressed, his style of house was right up my street and I would definitely be checking him out in the future. As the clock gonged twelve, everyone gathered in the bedroom jumping up and down, sharing champagne and throwing confetti around. It was a perfect, intimate moment.
Not so long after this we decided it was time to go and check out our second private party of the evening, hosted by DJs Clara Da Costa and Jason Bye.

Pikes hotel by Tim Reeves IbizaPicture by Tim Reeves

DJ Clara Da Costa and Tapas to a room

We arrived at ‘Tapas’ to a room literally bouncing to some classic house anthems. It seemed the party was in full swing and from one look behind the decks it was easy to see why. The event hostess and DJ Clara Da Costa was the epicentre of the party, dancing around and clearly loving every moment of living the music she plays. Her energy was infectious and she happened to drop two of my all time favourite ravey one’s, back to back, so that was me hooked and glued to the dance floor for the next few hours.

Dj Clara da Costa a fantastic host on Ibiza

Tapas to a room by Tim Reeves IbizaPicture by Tim Reeves

Friendly vibes on a Ibiza New Years Eve

Once again it was a very friendly vibe and lots of familiar faces at ‘Tapas’. Clara explained to me that they had decided to throw the party because they wanted to make life easy for their friends and family. For those that lived locally, it meant not having to get taxi’s to other parts of the island and not having to pay entry fee’s, a welcome gesture in these challenging economic times. I knew Clara could have been earning top dollar playing elsewhere instead of organising a party for friends, so it endeared her to me all the more. Jason was dropping some quality tunes too and I could have stayed on until daylight. However, after many years of partying I have finally learned that the art to making it through several parties in several days is down to two key ingredients sleep and food! So we headed off to stay with our good friends who lived locally – all of us committed to getting a good night’s rest before the day that we had all been waiting for.

Tapas in a room by Tim Reeves IbizaPicture by Tim Reeves

New Years Day arrived

New Years Day dawned and first, before the almighty DC10, we needed fuel! San Antonio is not my usual stomping ground so I asked my friends if there was going to be anywhere open that we could get a bacon butty, to which they replied in unison, ‘Rick’s’. By Ricks they meant ‘Bar Home’ in San Antonio and Rick did indeed serve us up some very tasty bacon sandwiches despite the kitchen not being technically open. Him and the other nice chappie behind the bar were also going to DC10, as indeed was the whole world, or so it seemed. There were a few people still partying in the bar, including a couple of members of local band the Rolling Soul, still flush from what I heard was a blinding gig at Ibiza towns ‘Teatro Pereyra’, the night before.

DC 10 here we come

Rested, fed and watered we piled into a taxi and headed off for the main event  New Years Day at DC10. Circo Loco is one of Ibiza’s most notorious underground parties but on New Years Day it lifts off more than usual, if that is even imaginable! The weekly Monday party usually closes early October and re-opens in June, so New Years Day is a bit of an oasis for those of us missing the experience and there is something slightly smug about getting an out of season fix when all the tourists are back home. The terrace was as hot and busy as it usually is, even in Winter, and for me personally, the music in the main room was better quality. However, the atmosphere in the terrace was incredible and that’s what really kept me in there for a while. I just loved seeing so many friendly faces from the island, it seemed every man and his dog, cat and parrot had gone to DC10 plus a staggering amount of visitors from across Europe. There was really a lot of love and positive energy in the room and I was so happy to be a part of it. It was the perfect moment to catch up and wish each other well for the year ahead. However, the beats in the main room were really catching my attention and eventually I parted company from my compadres and went off on my own to get lost in the music.

Tapas in a room by Tim ReevesPicture by Tim Reeves

The crowd goes wild

Without a doubt, the stand out set of the night for me went to Shonky. He had the crowd literally in the palm of his hands, I can’t count the number of times people were coming up to me asking who the DJ was, shaking their heads, pointing at him and pulling faces of disbelief I was really glad I had changed out of last night’s torturous black stilettos’ and into some flat black boots and a stretchy, comfy combo of shiny leggings and floaty mini dress, as I had a serious date with the dance-floor for the next few hours, thanks to Shonky. It was really refreshing to be at the front of the room dancing with people I’d never met before, making friends and totally letting my hair down. Most of the same faces stayed there for hours like me, totally locked into Shonky’s hypnotic groove. There was a real old school vibe that I haven’t experienced for a while and it revived my faith in the rave!

Tapas in a room by Tim Reeves IbizaPicture by Tim Reeves

We survived 24 hours of  New Years Eve in Ibiza

By the end of the night my body was aching I am sure I have not danced that much in a while. All in all, my 24 or so hours of New Year partying in Ibiza had left me feeling two things. The first was gratitude  that I live in such a positive and inspiring community that knows how to have a good time. The second was anticipation for what is undoubtedly set to be an amazing year ahead for us all.

Happy New Year Ibiza, I love you

Marisa is the co founder of Ibiza Inside and together with Virgil she has a mission to empower as many people around the world to become better versions of themselves in body mind and lifestyle. Marisa is ready to move you in to action, and she will share beautiful Ibiza with you at the same time.

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  1. Sharon Zumba!

    Fantastic write up! If I wasn’t with you at dc after reading this then I’d be we’ll gel! Perfect! Oh and lurve the pic of Caroline aaaawwww! X

  2. Hi Lisa, great little new years blog! It was such a great night! I’m the singer from The Rolling Soul you met in Home…”still flush”….I like it 😉

  3. Lisa Chadderton

    Thanks for the feedback guys, yeah ace to see you Sharon and have a boogie and lovely to meet you Nell…keep me posted next time you are playing in Ibiza town I nearly came with Caroline last night, will come to the next one for sure xxxxxxx

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  5. Jimi Parkinson

    Hi Lisa ,, i enjoyed reading your New Year’s Eve story which has without doubt made my wife and I promise ourselves to not spend next New Year’s Day recovering at home after partying at Pacha the night/morning before. We were so close to turning off the Sopranoes box set dragging ourselves out of bed, digging deep and reigniting ourselves for another party,but alas, it was not to be , thanks for the inspiration x Jimi x

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  7. I HAVE TO BE INCLUDED. HAVE TO. THIS IS WHAT EVERY PERFECTIONIST DREAMS OF! Start planning oh and not eintag. I think there should be an application process for cool people to apply for spots. Just saying.

  8. Great Idea Vanessa…. Are you in Ibiza for New Years Eve 2013… x

    Marisa & Virgil