Six Reasons Why You Should Hire a Boat or Yacht in Ibiza

Water sports Ibiza

The best way to explore our beautiful island is by boat. The Ibiza coastline offers a magnificent view from the water. You will discover the white island from a different perspective. Are you ready to conquer the waters around Ibiza? Get your bathing suit and let’s go!

1 Discover beautiful Ibiza locations

There are many beautiful hidden bays around Ibiza which you can only reach by boat. You will be amazed how much diversity there is in Ibiza. Take your time to cruise around the island and we promise you that you will have plenty of possibilities to shoot great pictures and to create unforgettable memories to take home.

Water front


2 A lazy day with loved ones and friends

In the summer season the beaches can be crowded. You have to be very early to secure your beloved sun bed on one of the popular beaches, or book a day-bed the day before. On your private hired boat you can relax on deck with your friends. The skipper takes you to the most beautiful beaches and bays while you relax and work on your tan and sip a chilled glass of rose. Life is good! If you like it more up-tempo, hire a DJ who will spin some tunes to enhance the experience. Spending a day on a boat or yacht is the ultimate holiday must do!

3 Discover the underwater world

You really don’t have to be a dive-master if you would like to take a peek in the crystal clear blue waters of Ibiza. You can just take one of the snorkel sets on board and jump in. There are many fantastic spots you can stop to go for a swim. When you are in the San Antonio area you can often see dolphins jumping out of the water so keep your eyes open!

The best way to enjoy the magical Ibiza sunset…



4 Discover all kinds of water sports

How cool would it be if you take some jet skis with you?  You can race across the sea and let your inner child go. If you are not into speed, why don’t you try the popular paddle boards? It is a great workout and so much fun. Old fashioned swimming is fantastic when you are in the middle of the sea.  Don’t forget to bring your water resistance camera. You will have stunning shots to show your family and friends back home.

5 A yacht or boat as your private holiday home

A great way to hide from the holiday crowd, and to have more privacy for you and your family and friends, is to hire a boat or yacht as your holiday home. Nothing more intimate then sailing the waters of Ibiza and Formentera with nobody around except your loved ones.

Water front 

6  Be cool

So you are on Ibiza and you want to look cool and hip, right? Then the only way to get noticed by jealous people and to show off is to anchor your boat in one of the bays where the cool beach clubs are situated. Call the service to come and pick you up with a Dinghy and take a seat at your reserved table. Now you have the chance to be cool and hip and have a wonderful time.

We hope that we inspired you to hire a boat or yacht when you are on Ibiza for your dream holiday. When you need help finding a boat, water sport activities or even your whole day planned from beginning to end, the Ibiza Inside Holiday PA is at your service. Just let us know your needs so that we can share some ideas with you.

written by Virgil Brewster

Marisa is the co founder of Ibiza Inside and together with Virgil she has a mission to empower as many people around the world to become better versions of themselves in body mind and lifestyle. Marisa is ready to move you in to action, and she will share beautiful Ibiza with you at the same time.

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