Relaxing at Es Xarcu beach on Ibiza


When you drive to Cala Jondal and take the small road to the left and follow the signposts, you will find a very small beach called Es Xarcu. Don’t be surprised when following the sign posts and find yourself having to drive down a steep dirt road. You live only once so it better be adventurous right? Make sure that you are there early because parking space can be a problem when you are late

Es Xarcu is the place to relax. There are no more than 30 sun beds. It’s a quiet pebbled beach and the lovely small restaurant serves fantastic fish dishes. When you are exploring Ibiza by boat make sure that you tell your captain to make a stop at Es Xarcu to have a great lunch…Ibiza is calling…We will see you at Es Xacu.

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