reVOLVER one of the hottest fashion stores in Ibiza Town

There are lots of amazing shops in Ibiza, but if you’re looking for international designers mixed up with cool cult brands, and all in the same boutique, then there’s only once place to go and that’s reVOLVER.


Based in Ibiza Town, it has a reputation as THE coolest shop on the island. Slash from Guns’n’Roses shops there, Sven Väth shops there and fashion editors from around the globe shop there. As a fashion fanatic, walking in gives me a little leap of excitement that I can only liken to what it would feel like if Johnny Depp got down on one knee. In all honesty that’s not going to happen, so thank goodness I’ve got reVOLVER to give me butterflies instead.

Designers Revolver

The worlds best designers

What makes me giddy about this shop is the eclectic collection of men and women’s brands they have in store  from Sass and Bide (Cara Delevigne’s a huge fan) to McQ by Alexander McQueen, to Ellen Allien, it reads like a list of the hippest brands around. And the good news is that boys are just as well catered for  Marc by Marc Jacobs, Junk de Luxe and Sons of Heroes are all on sale. Plus if you’re a fan of the understated Richie Hawtin cool then you’ll find that look here.


Sunglasses for your Ibiza Holiday

reVOLVER are famous for their sunglasses collection too, which is lucky because you need them to cover up your eyes after weeping at the beauty of them all. Choose from Linda Farrow, The Row, AM Eyewear, Victoria Beckham  trust me, what’s on offer is a league above what you can get at the airport. And if you do find yourself nursing Ibiza blues at the airport you needn’t worry, all is not lost. They have an online boutique too:

Time to get working on that wishlist…


Abby is from London and works in PR. She is a compulsive writer, fashion lover and full time Ibiza obsessive! She finds Ibiza’s positivity, creativity and sense of freedom an inspiration, and loves nothing more than spreading its unique and irresistible vibe. On her own blog she focuses on the good things in life: fashion, travel and delicious food, and thirty years from now she’d like to spend most of her time swinging in a hammock and looking out on the Med, mojito in hand.

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