Russian Kettlebells in Ibiza

Here at The Workout Club Ibiza, we are great fans of the Russian Kettlebell, and we’d like to take a few minutes now to talk about this dynamic fitness tool, and why we make it such an important part of our training system.

The Russian Kettlebell

The origin of the Kettlebell is still not really known; we do know that it was developed in Russia in the early 1700s, but some archaeological records show that they were actually used as far back in time as Ancient Greece.

When it first made its way to Russia, the Kettlebell was, in fact, the system used to measure grains etc. The vendors would start swinging and lifting the Kettlebells to show off their strength…and it soon became clear that there were many health benefits to be had here.

The Soviet army started to use Kettlebells as part of their physical training in the 20th century, and even today the Russian armed forces test their soldiers with Kettlebell snatches, rather than push-ups which are used by most other countries.

The Workout Club Ibiza loves to use the Kettlebell

In 1981, the Russian government, recognising the health benefit of the Kettlebell, actually made Kettlebell training mandatory for the masses in an effort to increase productivity of its working citizens, and cut down on healthcare costs!

A Canon ball with horns

The Russian Kettlebell looks like a cannonball with horns, and the reason we love it so much at The Workout Club Ibiza is because it works every major muscle group in the body all at once. These exercises build strength and endurance, especially in the lower back, legs and shoulders and they kind of mimic manual activities, like shoveling and farm work.

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The Workout Club Ibiza puts great emphasis on posture and proper spine alignment…and working with the Russian Kettlebell is very good for this, allowing you to move better, get rid of nagging injuries and reach your fitness goals.

So, from weighing market products in Russia, to becoming a tool for athletic development and health, this holistic fitness method offers improved mobility, range of motion and increased strength. Combine this with proper breathing, and the Russian Kettlebell is the perfect way to lose weight, tone up and gain strength and confidence quickly.

The Workout Club Ibiza

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Virgil is the co founder of Ibiza Inside and together with Marisa he has a mission to help as many people all around the world to become better versions of themselves In body,mind and lifestyle. Ibiza is his base and the world is his stage.