Santa Gertrudis Town

Santa Gertrudis lies in the municipality of Santa Eulalia and is a charming little village in the middle of the island of Ibiza. We love Santa Gertrudis because it is sociable and nice to be, throughout the entire year. It is popular among locals who live here or in the rural area. Shops, bars and restaurants are open during wintertime.

The village is a good example of the integration of the early days and the modern world. I still remember parking our car in front of Bar Costa and driving around in the old streets. Nowadays you’ll find a newly built plaza (closed to motorized traffic) around the church with bars en restaurants surrounding it, but it still looks like nothing has changed in the years that passed by.

Santa Gertrudis is well known for….Bar Costa! This place is situated at Placa de L’església and a must go.

Many families living in Ibiza like this village because there is a lot to do. There are schools for children, classes for adults to learn the Spanish language, dance classes, there is football club FC Santa Gertudis, and many lively music events as well as tranquility…while parents sit in the shade of an olive tree, children play at the childrens playground in the center. There are a lot of restaurants in the little village like COMO and Musset which are open the whole year round.

This place is also excellent for shopping. You’ll find leather shops, Arts & Crafts galleries, little boutiques with clothes made by local designers, a grocery shop with Asian products, shoes, jewelry…it’s al there! One of the shops is Angels Ibiza which I really like and where you can find clothes and beautiful jewelry.

So, keep your eyes open in Santa Gertrudis and enjoy the “real” Ibiza….Carpe Diem!