Concierge service & Maintenance

Marc Christopher Dietrich, born in Germany is a well traveled, multilingual multitask-er; he owned famous restaurants in Düsseldorf, worked as a consultant for restaurant chains and concept stores and is dedicated to services.

He now offers his very personalized services in Ibiza. His "Concierge Service" gives you the confidence that your holidays or long-term stay on the island will start as soon as you get to your estate. Everything will be prepared and ready for your time of the year.

Car rental? --- done! Airport transfer? --- sure! Leaving the Club and no cab available or just don´t want to queue? --- here they are! Grocery will be done, terrace and pool will be prepared to chill and relax, you need a massage? --- no problem....If you are hungry or like to give a party, Marc's Funky Kitchen Catering will take care of you and your guests and even if you’re looking for a place to stay this is not a problem too. Marc have three flats in rental at a fantastic location at the port of Ibiza.

Funky Kitchen Catering by Marc C. Dietrich

Everything around your house and vacation will be organized and you won’t loose any time of your precious holidays... His aim: Making his clients happy! Visit the website of Marc at: to read more.

Make the most of your holiday with some help of Marc!

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