It’s no shame to be nervous about moving to Ibiza

Marisa and Virgil Ibiza Inside The Workout Club Ibiza
Finally we can say we did it. We made the move to Ibiza and we can call ourselves the spirits of the free world. But how hard is it to leave family and friends behind? Is it hard to jump into the pool of uncertainty? Well, we try our best to answer those questions for you in this post.

 The Move

The days went by very quickly. We were packing all our stuff and tried to get it in our car. Can you imagine: furniture, boxes with clothing, kitchen stuff and so much more? Yet we managed to pack it all and our journey to Ibiza began. We drove for hours and hours but the closer we got to Barcelona to get the boat, the more nervous we became. Doubt was rushing through our minds. Is this the right time…? How we are going to set up our life in Spain? Marisa had her rush when she drove through the streets of Barcelona. She had many friends who lived there so for her it was strange to drive around in her cool little Polo. Virgil was just tired and wanted to get on the boat ASAP.

Move to Ibiza

The boat trip

Finally we were on the boat and all the stress fell off our shoulders. We made it to Barcelona without any problems. We knew Ibiza was ready to welcome us. Virgil is not a big fan of boats but the boat trip to Ibiza was fantastic. On the boat there was everything we needed. We strongly advise you to take a cabin. It is so much more relaxing. You can have a hot shower and you will love the view when the boat leaves Barcelona port heading towards open sea. We were so dead tired we fell asleep in seconds.

Balearia boat trip

Ibiza the arrival

A loud siren brutally woke us from our dreams. The boat was approaching the Ibiza harbour and we hurried to get to deck to see the magnificent Ibiza coastline. Now it was Virgil’s turn to have a rush. We drove off the boat with Virgil behind the steering wheel. The moment that our small polo ‘set wheel’ on the island he screamed: “Marisa look we are driving on Ibiza with our own car”. The feeling was overwhelming, beautiful and at the same time scary. We were about to start a new adventure.

When we arrived at our house the first thing Virgil did was putting his hand on the floor of our house and asked “Ibiza is this the right time?” The answer came in the form of fantastic smells from our garden, the sound of birds, the warm winter sun and a family-like greeting from all our wonderful neighbours. We said to each other “Ibiza is ready to have us”.

IbizaPicture by Cat Milton

The Workout Club Ibiza

Our first mission was to set up Ibiza Inside’s little brother: The workout Club Ibiza. We love bringing joy to people’s lives. That’s why we decided to give back the gift of health to the Ibiza population and its visitors by providing Group Personal Training. Our experiences in setting up a business are a subject for a whole new blog post and we will share that information with you soon. Time passed by quickly here and we are having a fantastic life.

Our Personal training business came to life on Ibiza

The Workout Club Ibiza, Personal training

Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams

We are still very excited about what our first summer season will bring but we can tell you this: pursuing your dreams and being able to live your life in a place where you feel at home is one of life’s precious gifts. Listen to your heart instead of your mind. Surround yourself with people who support you, and face your challenges with your head up high. We can do it and so can you. When you are in need of some coaching with your move to Ibiza join our Ibiza Inside Coaching membership.

Written by Virgil

P.s Read here how we did after 3 years.

Virgil is the co founder of Ibiza Inside and together with Marisa he has a mission to help as many people all around the world to become better versions of themselves In body,mind and lifestyle. Ibiza is his base and the world is his stage.

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  1. congratulations guys! I can’t wait to hear more about this. Very inspiring 🙂

  2. Thank you so much MJ. We will share more of our exoperiences here on the blog …x

    Marisa & Virgil

  3. Reinierq

    Gefeliciteerd! Hoop jullie voorbeeld te volgen. Twijfel blijft bestaan, maar jullie verhaal is zo inspirerend, ik moet het maar nog een keer proberen! Heel veel geluk samen!

  4. Boris

    Moedige en mooie stap! Hoop jullie gauw te zien in Ibiza.

  5. Thank you friends for your beautiful words… x

    Marisa & Virgil

  6. Robbie

    Dear both, great adventure. I am enviuos! I wrote on this blog some time ago since my husband and I are still planning to move to Ibiza as well. We have been there in March and will come back mid June and August. Hopefully we will have clarity on what we want to do once we are there. We both are managers in a multinational company in the North of Italy and we really would like to make a change! I hope we can meet in Ibiza.

  7. Anonymous

    Thank you, Virgil and Marisa for this wonderful and inspirational blog. My dream is to live in Ibiza too and I plan to visit Santa Eulalia. I live in the U.K. You have awakened hope in me and, I will, keep my dream alive to move to Ibiza.

    I enjoy reading your posts and have subscribed.

    Love and best wishes to you both x


  8. Thank you, Virgil and Marisa for this wonderful and inspirational blog. My dream is to live in Ibiza too and I plan to visit Santa Eulalia. I live in the U.K. You have awakened hope in me and, I will, keep my dream alive to move to Ibiza.

    I enjoy reading your posts and have subscribed.

    Love and best wishes to you both x


  9. Reece

    Congratulations guys, very proud to see you doing great things – inspirational as always.

  10. Thank you friends for your wonderful comments… Follow your dreams… And the rest will follow.. x

  11. Jade

    Thank you so much for writing this wonderful article. We are about to do the same thing in a few months! I can well imagine myself screaming with joy driving my Beetle in Ibiza when we finally make it.
    Peace and Love x

  12. Inge

    Hoi Virgil and Marissa,

    Heel veel geluk met elkaar op jullie mooie eiland. De stap om te gaan en daadwerkelijk je droom te vervullen is zooooo, magisch. Ik wil zeker een keer yoga les komen nemen voor de fatoe.
    Ook al kom ik een weekend ik zal jullie verrassen…

    Bigi Brasaaaa van Inge and her Boys

  13. Patrick

    Hey veel geluk saampies op The White Island !!
    Wij zijn net terug van weekie Cala Tarida en komen waarschijnlijk in september nog even weekie op het eiland genieten ;o)
    Mag ik vragen waar jullie zitten ? wie weet kunnen we tegen die tijd een keertje meeten………wij hebben namelijk ook plannen om die kant op te komen en alle tips zijn uiteraard van harte welkom :o)

    Enjoy & have fun !

    Patrick y Claudia y Misha

  14. Beth

    My dream has been to live in Ibiza since I was 11, I am now 29!! One day it will happen for me and your story has given me that hope….

    Thank you!!!

  15. I still remember back in the day my first moving to Ibiza to work as skipper all season. When I was at sea I was fine, but when I had time off in between weeks I had to find a place on land and I had to drag through the islandall my stuff with me from one place to another and back to the boats. What a nightmare! Thank God things are much easier now 🙂

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