We were living our lives in busy Amsterdam and we were quite happy. At least that is what we thought.

Like you we had a dream that someday we would move to a country where the sun always shines. 

Fed up with our jobs we truly wanted to have our own business and live in a country were thensun is always shining.

After years of hard work, trial and error we managed to move to Ibiza, Spain, and we set up Ibiza Inside and The Workout Club Ibiza. And both with great success. 

That success came at the expense of our health and our relationship. We paid the price of separating after 7 years as a couple.

Now fast forward we are the best of friends and business partners and we have learned from our mistakes. 

We know now first hand that in order to change your lifestyle you need to create a plan. You need to be part of a community of likeminded people. And you need to take action.

You are a person who loves to take matters in your own hands. You like to succeed in life and business. Feeling and looking good is important to you.  You strive to put yourself in the centre of the universe and make all your dreams come true.

You are working in a job that you not really love but you do it because it pays the bills. 

When a social event comes up and you need to decide what to wear, you often leave the things that you truly want to wear buried deep in the closet. All because you are not happy who you see in the mirror.

You are daydreaming of relocating to a location in the sun but doubt, fear and the people around you paralyse you from taken action.

You finally like setting up that business  but there is that little voice inside your head telling you that you can not do it.

We have a mission which is to help as many people as possible that are stuck in life and like to become better versions of themselves in body, mind and lifestyle.

Now it´s time for you to be in the centre of the universe. Let´s get started!

But in reality...

We were in the same place you are right now

Does this sounds familiar to you?

Our goal

Let´s be honest with yourself. Do you also feel overwhelmed and you don´t know what it takes to change your lifestyle?

Does doubt and fear consume you so that you feel that you are stuck?

Are you overwhelmed by all the things that you need to do in order to change so that you simply don´t know were to start?

If this is you, don´t worry you are not alone. There are many people like you including us!

What is your start point?

Every person has a different start point so choose yours.

Let´s be honest with yourself. The right time will never come. There will be always an excuse to not do it and accept that this is the life that you have. And is it OK...


Is OK good enough for you? What about that inner self in YOU that is dreaming about a better life but just is so overwhelmed that it don´t know were to start?

The time to change is right now so let us help you take action.

There is no 'one size fit´s all' approach. You are unique, you have strengths and weaknesses. So thats´s why the Ibiza Inside website is divided in 3 different sections.

Body, Mind and Lifestyle.

We invite you to choose the sections that apply to your personal needs. This way we can ensure that you will receive the right assistance for you to become a better version of yourself and reach you personal life goals.

What are you waiting for? You are about to take action to change your lifestyle. We believe that you can do it. All you need is to believe in yourself. Follow your heart and make your choice.

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Now it´s your turn...

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