Stay Ibiza beautiful all summer!

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Bronzed, beautiful limbs are a must for Ibiza belles gracing the island this summer. With sun-kissed beaches and azure waters, lounging around on the day beds at La Plage de L’elephant or touring D’alt Villa is a fabulous way to pass those hazy days away and beautify at the same time! But how do you stay absolutely gorgeous in the blazing Ibiza heat?

Be glamorous

A glamorous wardrobe of whites will keep you cool while fighting off those scorching rays. Known for its reflective qualities, not only does it help to lower your temperature but it is also the perfect accompaniment to a shimmering, sultry Ibiza tan. For a bohemian daytime look, think flowing white maxi dresses, espadrille wedges and a floppy sun hat. Spritz sea salt into damp hair and scrunch between your fingers to achieve the perfect beach-ready look. For evening chic, go for tailored ensembles in pure white and team with pale accessories. Pull hair back into a sleek chignon and dust bronzer over your cheekbones to create definition.

Ibiza Fashionista

Different shades of white for your ultimate Ibiza look

Try mixing different shades and textures of white for a neutral wardrobe that will echo the spring/summer catwalks of the world’s most luxurious designers. Pick out lace separates for a Jenny Packham inspired look or add crochet details for a hint of Alberta Ferretti. With plenty of inspiration out there, take a look at some of your favourite designers and head to the shops, Vogue in hand, for your perfect palette of island whites!

                                Look stunning in white on a Ibiza beach day

Ibiza Fashionista 2

Keep the skin soft and smooth

While looking glam is a doddle for any Ibiza fashionista, staying fit and healthy on holiday can be a little more of a challenge! Our pick of pure whites may keep you cool from the beach to the club but staying body beautiful, inside and out, is just as important as looking lovely this summer! Take advantage of the multitude of facial sprays out there, not only will they give you a spritz of much needed freshness but they’ll also help to soften and smooth tired skin creating a radiant glow. When it comes to essential beauty-buys, find a lip balm or gloss with an SPF to prevent burning. Look for coloured tints with hints of orange, pink and red to compliment your colour and stand out against your white wardrobe and remember to re-hydrate on a regular basis! So there you have it, our advice for staying beautiful from top to toe this summer in Ibiza.


Rebecca is the marketing manager of one of the fastest growing internet marketing companies in the UK. An avid writer, she loves fashion, beauty and of course Ibiza! Founder of her own Ibiza-inspired blog, she hopes to move to the island one day and put her writing/marketing/DJ-ing skills to good use!

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  4. I like the creativity and unuqie quality of these photos. I’d say most engagement photos are similar, and here you have something new. This is a very good looking couple too, they look relaxed and happy in the photos. Solid!


    You’re on top of the game. Thanks for sharing.

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