Take a ‘Kevin and Perry’ Inspired Trip to Ibiza

Kevin & Perry in Ibiza
If you are looking for a lively holiday packed with fantastic weather conditions, tons of fun, exciting activities and all the dancing your hips can handle, then Ibiza is definitely the destination for you! Those who remember the popular Harry Enfield movie ‘Kevin & Perry Go Large’ will know how it captured the spirit of Ibiza. The lively club scenes, the captivating beat of the music and the constant sunshine all played a big part in the film, and with the tips in this article, they can play a big part in your holiday too!

Weather on Ibiza

One of the main things Ibiza is famous for (apart from its world famous nightlife spots) are its beautiful beaches, and with the best beach seasons lasting from May to October, you have a solid 5 -month period to visit and take a dip in the clear waters. While Kevin’s beach antics were a little more promiscuous than most, there are still fantastic times to be had. These beach season months are punctuated by perfectly blue skies, comfortably warm temperatures, and the added benefit of the island receiving almost no rainfall. As Ibiza is a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea, it’s no wonder the weather stays in top condition all summer long.



Because of the region’s beautiful climate, a number of outdoor sports and leisure activities are always on offer. Hiking and biking are great ways to see the countryside, while scuba diving allows you to witness the wonders of Ibiza’s underwater world first hand. Boating is also quite popular due to the proximity of the sea; whether it’s a relaxing ride or a more energetic kayak trip, you’re sure to find a suitable boat ride to suit your desire for – or lack of – speed.

Kevin and Perry would love to bike on Ibiza

Ibiza 2008, BikesPicture by Simon welsh


Kevin & Perry didn’t really stop to enjoy any of Ibiza’s fantastic delicacies, but if they had, they would surely have discovered just how delicious they really are. The cuisine of Ibiza is characteristic of Mediterranean cooking and features a variety of fresh and fragrant ingredients. The island is famous for its seafood, its abundance of olive oil, tapas and chorizo: another regional element of many hearty dishes. If you are looking for a more elegant dining experience, Ibiza is blessed with many beautiful restaurants, so finding somewhere nice to eat out won’t be a struggle.

Ibiza 2008Picture by Simon Welsh


Ibiza is most well-known for its lively nightlife hot spots and world famous club events. With ‘superstar DJs’ such as Pete Tong, Sash and the infamous Eye Ball Paul playing regular fixtures there, it’s no wonder Kevin & Perry couldn’t wait to get their clubber’s gear on! Everything is catered for in Ibiza’s club scene; there are cheaper and more affordable clubs in San Antonio, ‘main event’ super clubs, free parties in the hills and dance events on the beach. The huge club ‘Amnesia’ featured in Kevin & Perry Go Large is just one of many huge clubs that offers a great example of exactly how huge and exciting these nights can be.

090702_Space_Wally_Lopez_Robe_007 IbizaPicture by Roberto Castaño

The true Kevin & Perry Ibiza experience is easy to attain; get ready to have it large and book your tickets today!

Alexandra lives in Manchester and has a passion for travelling, reading, writing, sunshine and dancing until the sun goes down. She is a avid traveller and blogger for Liberty Bathrooms who provide excellent airport parking at Heathrow Airport.