What does it takes to get fit in Ibiza?

We all know the feeling that we need to get fit, but to actually get moving is a whole different ballgame. Where do you start? Will you join a sports club or one of the many bootcamps in Ibiza? Or do you just sign up for a gym membership? We would love to share with you things to get you on your way. Are you ready for your transformation?

1. Mindset

The first thing you should do is set a goal. What would you like to achieve? Would you like to lose some unwanted pounds or do you just want to drop two dress sizes to look stunning for a wedding? Would you like to build some muscle or just get some more energy throughout the day? The moment you have a clear goal you can go to the next step which is to find out where and how you would like to do your training.

The Workout Club Ibiza

2. Where do I go?

There are many options when you would like to start your training and many options to take into account. You have to think about your budget. And if you like to train in a group and meet new friends. Or if you need that extra push to come to your training session. Times, dates and time slots …. What suits you best and where is easy to travel to? These are all things you should think about when deciding where to go to.

Other things you need to consider are; do you go for a membership in a gym? An outdoor bootcamp class? A personal trainer? A public sports club? Or Group Personal Training programs like we offer at The Workout Club Ibiza? More about the different kind of options when it comes to picking your workout we wrote in this blog post.

Get fit in Ibiza

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3. Nutrition Programs

Exercise goes hand in hand with proper nutrition and it’s not a great idea to starve yourself or go on a diet that makes you count every calorie you take in. Instead of that you need a mindset and lifestyle change towards food intake in general. Get educated about Superfoods and why we find that intermittent fasting beats every diet. We will be more than happy to assist you in every way we can.

4. Take Action in Ibiza

Ibiza is a great way to get in shape. If you are coming here for a short period while enjoying your holiday or if you live on the island and you like to stay in the best shape you can, you need to get your butt into action! When we planted this little seed in your mind and if you would like to really change your life, we want you to do the following thing: Click the link and join The Workout Club Ibiza Family. Sign up for the 21 day program or try us out. We will be here ready to be your coach and get you in shape in no time flat.

We look forward to seeing you soon on one of our training locations..

Virgil is the co founder of Ibiza Inside and together with Marisa he has a mission to help as many people all around the world to become better versions of themselves In body,mind and lifestyle. Ibiza is his base and the world is his stage.

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