Tips and tricks to make your stay on Ibiza more comfortable


So, your holiday is about to start and you are looking forward to make the most of it. We have collected some tips and tricks to make your stay on Ibiza even more comfortable. Do you have some tips for other readers? Please share them with us so that we can add it!

Suitcases storage

Sometimes it could be handy if you can store your luggage when you’re on  Ibiza, for example in between checking out and going home. There are Luggage storage places in Ibiza Town called La Clave and Consigna Ibiza.


Don’t want any nasty surprises after coming back from your holiday? Even on your vacation you sometimes just need to make use of a whether to call your friends or to make a reservation at a restaurant… At the Vodafone stores you can buy a Spanish mobile number. Bring your ID, pay around 20-30 Euros and get a mobile phone for free which includes credit up to 5-12 Euros. Sounds like a good deal don’t you think? When you need to upgrade your credits, go to any supermarket, gas station or kiosk and buy the amount you need.

Parking ticket

You don’t need a parking ticket when you park your car at the countryside and in small villages. When you park your car in the bigger cities on Ibiza, you will have to pay a parking fee. Machines that allow payment with coins can be found everywhere. In case your parking time has expired, you’ll get a fine. However, fact is that in Ibiza everything goes ‘mañana mañana’ (slowly), so being a bit late is no problem. You just avoid your fine by paying an extra 3 Euros at the parking machine within the hour of expiration. On your ticket there is a bar code which you held to the reader on the machine. And if you do have a fine at the end of the day, if you pay within short time (which you’ll find on the fine) you just pay 50% od the amount.  Excellent, don’t you think?

Up2date information


As a tourist you might not always have access to the internet all the time. To get up to date as soon as you arrive on Ibiza, we have another solution than searching for a Wi-Fi connection to connect with Ibiza Inside to get your info. In boutiques, bars, restaurants and shops you’ll find free magazines and flyers with events, activities and addresses from things you might find interesting.

Fresh local products

Orange salesman Ibiza 3

Most tourists just come across all the big supermarkets and buy all their groceries there. However, did you know that Ibiza also has its fair share of modest ecological farmers who sell their products straight from their land? Don’t hesitate to stop your car when you drive by and see a small market or little farm. Most of the time  the best ecological products you can think of are sold here: the sweetest oranges and mandarins, lovely lemons and wine made from grapes straight from the land, and all this for a very reasonable price.

Going Dutch


Sometimes it’s not so bad to be a Dutchman. We know how to save money (and spent it on something else anyway 😉 ).

Did you know that a bottle of water in a club is almost as expensive as a long drink with vodka? Or, when being with a bunch of friends, it sometimes proves to be less expensive to make a reservation in the VIP section in a club than to separately pay for your  admission fee and your drinks at the bar.

Tickets for the big parties could be expensive but they are definitely worth the money as such parties will be an experience you will never forget. If you’re running out of money but still like to party on, there is another option you might try. Promoters of the big nightclubs parade down the small streets in Ibiza Town and at the famous beach clubs at the beaches. This is your chance to get a free ticket to one of Ibiza’s hottest parties. Therefore, look fabulous and extravagant and put on a smile, you might be rewarded with a free entrance!

Winter time in Ibiza

Winter time in Ibiza is a great experience. Apart from  the fact that it’s cheap to book a flight and rent your hotel or house in that time of year, the weather is still nice as well. Did you know that the sun shines 360 days a year on Ibiza? This is also a good opportunity to get in touch with the locals. In wintertime the island is much quieter and most of the locals are enjoying their holiday after all their hard work in the tourist season. They like to celebrate life and have time to meet new people and catch up with friends on the island at one of the many local town parties, celebrations or the wine festival. Some good restaurants, Club Pacha, cosy bars and lovely boutiques remain open throughout the whole year, and it’s never a problem to park your car in Ibiza Town and have the beach all to yourself.  The island is green in winter time and oranges and lemons fall straight from the trees. In all:  looking for a winter destination? Ibiza is a good choice.

Try different dates when looking for tickets


If you are lucky to have the opportunity to be flexible in dates of booking your holiday, you can save many Euros. Just browse through the departure and arrival dates a little to find very good deals. Our tip is to try and click around a little when it comes to the departure and arrival dates until you find a price that suits you.

Car rental is less expensive when booking online at least 24 hours before you like to pick up your car


It’s very handy to have a car at your disposal and if your holiday house is hidden in the countryside of Ibiza, it’s even a must!

The best way to rent a car is to book one online before you travel to Ibiza. A great advantage is that if you book your car online, instead of at the local office on Ibiza, it could save you a lot of money if you complete the booking at least 24 hours before the time of picking up your car.

Lifeguards on the beaches


Having children might make your stay at the beach less comfortable if you have to watch them yourself all day. An extra pair of watchful eyes will make your day so much more relaxing. Therefore, when you have little kids, it might be a good choice to make the most of your day at a beach with lifeguards.

Most of them have watchtowers with lifeguards watching over your safety. Go to Lifeguards and Blue Flag beaches to read which beaches have lifeguards.

Make the most of your holiday…. because you’re worth it!

Marisa is the co founder of Ibiza Inside and together with Virgil she has a mission to empower as many people around the world to become better versions of themselves in body mind and lifestyle. Marisa is ready to move you in to action, and she will share beautiful Ibiza with you at the same time.

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