Top 5 most read fashion blog posts of 2012 on the Ibiza Inside blog

Rebecca Cella Photography Ana Lui & Eva Kruiper

We all want to look stunning when we are on Ibiza. Whether we are sitting on an Ibiza terrace, have dinner in a fancy restaurant or when entering the red carpet on our way to a hot party or club. Yet, what is stunning and what are the clothing rules when getting on that plane on our way to Ibiza for one of the best holidays we’ll ever have? A few of our lovely guest bloggers kept us updated in 2012 so that we didn’t have to be that fashion victim wearing that totally wrong outfit. Also, they shared with us the best shops, markets and brands on Ibiza. We share with you the 5 best read blog posts of 2012.

Goodbye Ibiza, hello autumn by Rebecca Jayne

When summer was over and everybody travelled back to their homes somewhere on this globe, Rebecca Jayne, one of our sweet regular bloggers, was still there for us and didn’t let us down providing the hottest autumn fashion.Here is her post.

Photo by Ibizafashionista Ibiza Fashion

We love shopping by Ibiza Trendy

The girls of Ibiza Trendy always know all about shopping. They tell us all about where to find the best shopping addresses, which designers are cool, what’s trendy and they can tell you all about the hip and the famous on the island. Enjoy reading this post of fashion bloggers Julia and Judit.

Living la Vida fashion on Ibiza by Ibiza Trendy

Another winner in the top 5 fashion posts, written by the lovely girls of Ibiza Trendy. In this post the girls travelled around the island to bring you the best of fashion, fashion shops and fashion trends.

We love Ibiza fashion!

anillos-tienda-de-mil-amores- By Ibiza Trendy

Stay Ibiza beautiful all summer by Rebecca Jane

And another winner in the top 5 by Rebecca Jane too. As we all know, being fabulous and glamorous is what we want when we are on Ibiza. Just looking stunning on a beach day and with a smooth and soft skin….right? Yes! And that is why we loved this blog post.

Ibiza Fashionista 2

Looking for a fashion forward Ibiza opening party outfit

We’ve only a few months more to prepare for another fantastic Ibiza summer. And this all starts with the opening parties. So every year it’s the same questions….How to choose the perfect openings outfit?! You all found your answers on this question in this blog post.
Image by Rebecca Ibiza Fashionista
And because you all enjoyed reading the fashion posts so much, our guest bloggers will keep on writing for you guys. So keep on checking the blog but always remember, we all want to look stunning on Ibiza but at the end the only thing that really counts is the inside of a person not the outside. What is your favourite Ibiza Inside Fashion post…?


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