How to travel to Ibiza in style

When you’re travelling to Ibiza your appearance probably isn’t your main priority, especially when you’re late for a flight or worry about the excess weight in your suitcase. However, you may regret not considering your appearance once these issues are out the way. Practicality and comfort are surely factors that are important when travelling long haul or even waiting at the airport for those short journeys; but here’s how to assure you achieve these whilst looking your best! There are many practical and stylish fashion trends and accessories to choose from, you just need to exploit them to their every advantage, pack your grubby flip flops or comfy sleep socks into your case if needs be, but please, don’t strut them around the airport! After all, Ibiza is a stylish and chic holiday destination all year round.

Hand Luggage? I think you mean luxurious, stylish arm candy

When the check-in attendant asks to see your hand luggage, you don’t want to be handing over a worn, tatty handbag which could cause you the risk of losing things from. Invest in a handbag which will last you a lifetime, turn heads, and have people wondering why you’re not in business  class while not questioning why you’re flying to the fashionable island of Ibiza. A Hermѐs  Birkin handbag is the answer to all your problems. As Ibiza is a hot destination on most travellers’ bucket list, Hermѐs is also a member of fashion royalty. This 2013 they are a highly demanded and  prominent style icon for good reasons: their practical size, without compromising in style, means that they have earned the reputation of a brilliant travel companion. The Hermѐs handbags are unique, reliable, high quality and bang on trend, the three main ingredients needed to makes a statement on all your travels.

Travel to Ibiza

Fashionable Footwear

Footwear is important, especially if you’re wandering around the airport for a couple of hours and find yourself a few hours later lounging round the beautiful crystal beach of Ibiza. The main footwear to avoid would be heels or new shoes, heels could end up crippling your feet for the rest of your holiday in Ibiza and new shoes could result in blisters which will then make every pair of shoes you’ve packed uncomfortable. Try and wear a pair of shoes which will go with every outfit and are easily slipped off, ready to offer you a little comfort once you’ve been sitting or standing for a while on your Ibizan travels.

Comfortable Ibiza Clothing Which Will Turn Heads

For the ladies dresses might seem pretty impractical on a plane, but maxi-dresses can be the perfect piece for the warm-weather of Ibiza and if the plane is a little chilly you can always put on a pair of leggings underneath. Paired with a comfy pair of sandals and a loose jumper it will create the perfect smart chic appearance, perfect for any get away to Ibiza. For the men a pair of chinos offering space to move and cool down is the best option, these coupled with the ever fashionable imaged t-shirt would not only feel great, but look trendy to any neighbouring flyer. Another top tip for both men and women would be to take a large pair of sun glasses. Flights can be tiring and sunglasses would be ideal for hiding your bloodshot eyes as well as protecting them from the glorious sunshine once you land on Ibiza.

maxi-dresses can be the perfect piece for the warm-weather of Ibiza

Ibiza travel

Travel in style

Remember to research where you are travelling to. Whether it is the lazy town of Es Canar or the more lively resort of San Antonio, take time to know the area; this way you can step outside of your Ibizan paradise home and know exactly what you are doing and what you will need. Feeling confident in your attire and walking with your head held high will give the appearance of a trend setter in any city. Feel good and you will make others believe you look good. Don’t forget to smile either, you’re on your Ibiza holiday!!

Alexandra lives in Manchester and has a passion for travelling, reading, writing, sunshine and dancing until the sun goes down. She is a avid traveller and blogger for Liberty Bathrooms who provide excellent airport parking at Heathrow Airport.