My magical trip to Ibiza

‘!Hasta Julio!’, Juan, my taxi driver smiled and winked as he dropped me off at Eivissa airport. I smiled and winked back. I had waited a year to finally go back to Ibiza again and this was the end of an extremely pleasant week at start of the season. ‘It’s quiet now, but give it a few weeks and things will be loco’, Juan assured me at the start of our drive from the North-East back to the South of Ibiza. Having been a regular visitor for some time, I knew especially in the South things would be beyond loco. My heart, over recent years, has been stolen by the magnificent North though.

What Ibiza Gave me

Just a few years ago, life had me puzzled, just about broke and desperate to reconnect with nature. What Ibiza gave me then, exceeded my wildest dreams. I found a beautiful camping up North flanked by both forest and beach. Since then I have visited this remarkable spot three times, my third visit dating only a few weeks ago. For this trip I had jotted down an extensive to-do list, starting with a trip to Las Dalias hippie market in San Carlos. Not being the proud owner of a driving licence, neither wanting to hop into a taxi every time I wanted to be somewhere, I opted for cheap as chalk, 6 euros a day, bicycle rental. My little blue mountain bike took me virtually everywhere. I biked it all the way to San Carlos and back, even managed to squeeze in a brief visit to Bar Anita’s, which back in its hippie heyday functioned as a postal address for, you might have guessed it, the many free spirits enjoying various types of dwelling on the island. It being mercadillo hippy Saturday, meant that the place was buzzing and many a seat taken.

The famous hippy market Las Dalias a must see when you are on Ibiza

Las Dalias

Healing day Ibiza  at Atzaro

On a Sunday I had volunteered to lend a hand at the wonderful, twice annual, Healing Ibiza day. I did so last year, so thought I would succeed finding its venue Atzaró easily. Back in Cala Martina people thought I had lost my marbles when I expressed my wish to bike there. However, I was adamant, headed San Carlos way again and managed to get beyond lost! Given the fact that the island seems almost deserted at this time of year I was lucky to be able to ask for directions a couple of times. After half an hour of being royally lost, I found it and decided I had just spent the most enjoyable 30 minutes ever! Ah, the beauty of the Ibizan campo! Since organisation and 150 volunteers had everything running smoothly, I was free to enjoy Healing Ibiza Day and opted for joining one of the many clarlas. I was able to catch a wonderful presentation by Jerry Brownstein, who was able to profoundly connect everyone in the room. I left deeply impressed as always.

My wish to live on the white island

There is something I need to tell you, it is my wish to live on Ibiza. The island allows me to feel like, well … me! A super duper version of me!! Therefore, come Wednesday I resolved to put on my best dress and head over to Sandys Bar in Santa Eulalia. And just like last year I joined the open mic night sang and sang to my heart’s content. After an already great night I was dropped off at Peter’s hidden treasure La Finca Can Suldat, only to find that the night’s gig had just ended! Having desperately wanted to see Marian’s gig (and only finding out about it last minute), I was treated to a private encore of Jeff Buckley’s Grace, which left me speechless.

This was just one of many happy coincidences, resulting in my returning to the island this July. It will be loco .. hasta Julio!

All things spiritual, good food and a similarly good story. You name it, she loves it. Wendy, after having been a long-time visitor, is now a steady fixture on the White Isle. An in-demand copywriter and editor in chief for Ibiza Inside, she loves to explore the island and its many wonders and turn it into one cracker of an interesting story without the blink of an eye.

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  2. Mark Williams

    Agree with Can suldatt it is a magical place whent three times this year, and also love the beach at Cala Martina

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