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Sound Blast Stereo

We just said goodbye to an eventful 2012 and welcomed 2013 and I raise my mind to what’s in store. Hi readers! My name is Alexander J and my life mainly consists of sharing and making house music along with my production partner Navitas, as the production duo Sound Blast Stereo


2012 has been an exciting year for us. We have seen our releases supported by the likes of Roger Sanchez in the summer on his Release Yourself radio show from Ibiza, National plays on UK radio stations like Kiss 100 with support from DJ Steve Smart and tracks making top 15 positions on Traxsource along with top 100 releases on Beatport! And for a couple of guys who have been only putting out music since January 2012 we are honoured by the support we have received so far. But we are aware this is only the beginning of our musical journey. Sound Blast Stereo is here to stay!

Sound Blast Stereo is going to conquer Ibiza

Sound Blast Stereo

The Ibiza Inside Family

When I was asked by the team at Ibiza Inside to join their positive and helpful family in giving you guys an insight into your Balearic adventure, I obviously jumped at the opportunity. Being able to express my views and being able to write for them and for you creatively is an amazing thing and one that I am embracing with both arms extremely wide open! This is a monthly blog from yours truly and I hope I can make the ‘The Blast’ blog as interesting for you guys as I moved forward into the New Year.

M & V Boat Ibiza Inside

Let’s start

So where do we start then?? Let’s talk about a few things I’ve noticed most recently. I’ve heard and seen a lot of conflicting opinions on the net over the past few months, on the situation of the music industry. One of the opinions regards the underground scene, with views on commercialism, hitting at commercial artists with negative views about their music. Likewise, mainstream artists are hitting back with views on what sound is current in today’s business. My view on this is simple, so here goes.

Sound Blast Stereo

My view on the music business

As artists we want our expression to be heard through our music; that’s why we spend countless hours in the studio in making sure the sound is right for people to love. It’s very hard to pinpoint a pacific genre in today’s ever creative world, with so many new sounds around. For me it’s always been about the alluring 4 – to – the- floor sound in House music along with the dirty underground effect of Techno. But are the big guys selling out?!? I do feel that over the past year many charted releases have used very similar samples of electro based sound in an attempt to attract a younger audience and sell more records. This is a far outcry from a few years ago when more ‘feel good’ dance tracks were dominating the charts as of the likes of Shapeshifters  Lola’s Theme, Herd & Fitz Feat. Abigail Bailey  I just can’t get enough along with classic House tracks making a comeback on the remix. The sound has evolved and changed dramatically over such a short few years and I am not sure in my opinion for the better. However, we have seen a situation where back-to-basics house music i.e. Deep House has gained itself some huge credibility with artists such as Jamie Jones, Maceo Plex & Seth Troxler being just some of the names at the forefront of this movement. I think one thing we all have to remember is that the music business is a funny old game! It changes through opinion on the regular, and therefore cannot be tamed.

Sound Blast Stereo

What will 2013 bring for Sound Blast Stereo

I am personally very excited about what kind of sounds will be created in 2013. In my humble opinion 2012 has been a great year for all aspects of dance culture. I think we should all embrace new music, and always be positive about conflicting ideas on ‘what’s cool’. Music to me, specifically dance music holds a raw energy; this is the energy we experience in the clubs. To utilise that energy and to feel it is to understand it. To understand it is to appreciate it. To appreciate it is to love it. As one chapter closes another one begins, and I cannot wait to hear what’s to come from so many talented producers in our industry this coming summer and I am really intrigued to hear what the sound of Ibiza 2013 will be.

Sound Blast Stereo

The Sound Blast Stereo blog download chart AJ’s top 10 2012

Want to download new music? Here is my top 10 picks from the year… In DJ’s we trust! 😉 Happy listening!

1. Paradise 45 – To Be in Love (Soul Avengerz Remix) [Conkrete Digital Records]

2. Danism Feat.Haze – Closer (Vocal Mix) [Nocturnal Groove]

3. Soul Avengerz – Rokmaboote (Club Soda Mix) [Soda Recordings]

4. Jon Fitz & Leanne Brown – Express Feature (Rob Nutek Remix) [Sorotonin Digital]

5. Eric Sneo Feat.Chris The Voice – Shut up & Dance (Pleasurekraft Remix) [1605]

6. Kaa San – Amber (Original Mix) [Nocturnal Groove]

7. Filterheadz & Tomaz – Sunshine (D.Ramirez Remix) [1605]

8. DJ Koutarou.A & DJ Kusda – More Than (Rio Dela Duna & Gerald Henderson Remix)

9. Dekontrol – Now (Filthy Rich Remix) [Incorrect Music]

10. Sound Blast Stereo – ’91 Vibe Thing (Original Mix) [Pareja Records]

Hope you can all join us on this journey. It’s going to be one hell of a ride yet again! 😉 See you on Ibiza. And if you happen to have some questions or requests please feel free to leave a comment. Want to share your sound? Hit me up via our social networks on www.SoundBlastStereo.com

Alexander J has a keen passion for dance music. He has hosted his own brands in and around the UK and has promoted & played for several major brands as a DJ mainly based in London, UK. In such a short space of time Alexander J has already started to gain a very loyal following for his energetic DJ sets behind the box, the love for sharing his sound, and general lust for life! His live sound consists mainly of House / Tech house. In 2012 he is looking forward to new production with Sound Blast Stereo and taking his sound across new borders reaching out to people with the feeling of electronic music across the world to enjoy

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  1. Darren

    Good work dude…db

  2. It’s an honour to know you AJ and a true body and soul pleasure to read your thoughts! excellent wordz and top tunes all the way 2013 and beyond 🙂

  3. Jules Winckles

    Don’t know if you can help me: I am trying unsuccessfully to find an album that I had back in the early 90’s which was an Ibiza chillout style cd that had monk style chanting on it. I can only remember one tune in my head, I’ve searched high and low using different variations of titles, but to no avail. Hoping that you might be able to come up with something……..

    Thank you in anticipation,

    Jules Winckles

  4. Did you already tried to contact Alexander…? He will know for sure…

    Marisa & Virgil

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