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anillos-tienda-de-mil-amores- By Ibiza Trendy
Are you ready to discover the most stylish shops on Ibiza? And are you ready to meet fashion designer Daniella? Then this post is written for you…Prepare your shopping spree on Ibiza.

Ibiza loves fashion

This month we have discovered the most stylish celeb-favourite shops on Ibiza: new secret addresses for shopping, We also worked on a private shopping session at Jade Jagger’s home and have been recording a video with actress and singer Najwa Nimri. This month, Ibiza Trendy girls reveal to you the best Ibiza fashion secrets.

Daniela Natale

We have discovered revolutionary Daniela Natale, a young Italian designer that has created the Once Upon a Time flea market. At the market many artists – fashion designers, photographers, DJs – who display their creations…we love it! Daniela has also developed two fashion brands: Upper Class and Homeless Korovamilk, so you can shop according to the slogan “Have fun, love and fight.

Daniela Natale Ibiza Trendy

Najwa Nimri

We have been with the actress and singer Najwa Nimri. She was on the island performing music from her latest album “Donde rugged los volcanes” at Club Space. We spent a lot of time with her, while filming a video clip for her new track “Somos un nuevo invitado”. “Ibiza is a good place to shoot, the island has incredible light and water colours”, the artist told us. We love this woman with a thousand faces: versatile, chameleon-like and she is very creative.

Najwa Nimri

Jade Jagger

We talked to designer Jade jagger who recently presented her latest collection of jewellery and fashion all inspired by India. In her second home in Goa, Jade has created a collection which she defines as “sensual and exotic,” in which the protagonists are precious stones such as ruby, sapphire, aquamarine or coral. “I love working with the Indian craftsmen, its colours and discovering new things such as tree seeds secrets. These have an important spiritual dimension, which I have also used for my creations,” Jade told us. We love her hippy white house in the north of Ibiza, surrounded by forest and with amazing sea views.

Jade Jagger calls Ibiza her home

Picture by Jade Jagger

The stylish Fashion shops on Ibiza

Wondering where most stylish celebrities do their shopping on Ibiza? We reveal it all. Kate Moss favourites are Las Dalias Hippy Market, El Chiringuito on Es Cavallet beach, and Ganesha. Elle McPherson, another Ibiza regular, was on the island in July. At the age of 48 she is still ‘The body’. Las Dalias, Sunset Ashram at Cala Conta and Ganesha are her shopping addresses.  Naomi Campbell was in Ibiza earlier this summer, attending the opening of the famous restaurant Downtown Cipirani . Ganesha and artisan Dario Bomé, situated at Sant Miquel, are her favourite stores.

Es Cucons La Tienda By Ibiza Trendy

 Our favourite fashion shops

We don’t want to leave you without revealing some of our favourite shopping addresses. Early this summer we attended the opening of Es Cucons, in Santa Gertrudis. This is a charming store in a small Ibiza house where you will find fashion for the whole family as well as home decoration. We also love De mil Amores, a shop that opened its doors last summer and selling embroidered Thai handbags, Mexican-style dresses, belts from Afghanistan and an Adlib selection for a boho chic style.  If you are daring enough to get the boho hippy chic look that defines the true spirit of Ibiza so well, do not miss The Boutik. This store opened its doors last year at Calle de la Creu, in la Marina, and fashion lovers adore this place.

Julia Fioravanti and Judit Carcasona are fashion bloggers from Ibiza. Both of them have a background in writing. The have written for the Pacha Magazine for years and for other corporate giants. Now they showcase their passion for fashion in a beautiful blog called Trendy Ibiza. Their mission is to discover the hottest trends in fashion for you.

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