What’s stopping you moving to Ibiza?


“You’re not leaving this room until you’ve figured out what you want”, I said to myself, just after declaring that this couldn’t go on. I had been stuck at a crossroad for months, fighting with being unable to figure out what I wanted to do next with my life and being certain that there was something more out there for me. If only I could figure out what that more was.

My Thoughts

After closing the hotel door and slumping at the end of my freshly made bed, I began dissecting my thoughts. “What do you know you definitely want to see happen in your life?”. I was used to asking questions. Ironically I was fresh out of training as a life and business coach and my plan was to help others figure out what they wanted to do with their lives, not my own.


Luckily the answer wasn’t difficult to find, I knew what I wanted, but that wasn’t for now, it was for one day in the future when the timing was right. I had known for years that I wanted to live in Ibiza but I hadn’t believed it would happen, at least not anytime soon. I needed to be more successful, secure and settled, or wiser, richer and thinner. I just needed to be “more” and then the timing would be right.


 What are you waiting for?

I flopped back on to the bed, legs dangling, arms above my head and ready to give up. The same old roundabout routine with no obvious exits. But then the roundabout stopped turning and became the missing dot. Ibiza was the more out there waiting for me, I just hadn’t been able to admit it because I was convincing myself that the timing wasn’t right.

I sat up, eyes wide and whispered “What am I waiting for?”. An online, mail order, pick your own life in Ibiza, to arrive gift wrapped at my door just begging to be signed for? It all made sense, I hadn’t believed I could make it happen which, as no surprise, is why it hadn’t. I knew what I wanted but I wasn’t allowing myself to have it. No wonder I felt stuck.

lydibiza (1)


Fast forward

A few months later, a loose plan, some miraculous turn of events and I was sitting in the January sun, sipping my caña, thinking that the timing couldn’t have been better. Everybody has a story about what held them back or got them here and each month I will be writing about what I most commonly see and hear holds people back from making that leap.


No time like the present

Waiting for the right time is something most of us can relate to. Once you can admit to yourself that it’s what you really want (and that goes for any of our big dreams) then there is no time like the present. Huge dreams, like moving abroad, can feel big and far away which makes them scary. Before actually just saying yes to ourselves and believing we can have or do something, our natural instinct is to try and figure out exactly how we’re going to successfully get there. We can’t know every detail about the future so when those answers inevitably don’t come, we believe we can’t do it and begin to back that belief up with reasons why, like “It’s not the right time”. This keeps us stuck in our comfort zone, safe from the risk of failure, but no closer to living the amazing life we know is out there for us.

The first step is not to figure out how you will do it but to say yes to what you want and to believe you can have it. Then the how becomes easy.

What’s stopping you moving to Ibiza?


Lydia lives by her belief that life is supposed to be AMAZING, so after coming to Ibiza for 15 years and realising that living here would make life even MORE amazing, the three year plan to get here fell magically into place within three months. She is an ACC certified Life & Business Coach with the International Coaching Federation and the co-creator of Coaching apps Niggle-Lite and Niggle-Pro. As the founder of Life Cleanse, most days you’ll find her, helping other ambitious individuals become mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit, so that they too, can live out their dreams and make life even more amazing.

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  1. aww love this!! i just spent a month living there after traveling around 7 times a season for the last 4 years..i want to live there soo bad as well!! putting into the unvierse and slowly taking the steps..cheers!

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  4. Wendy

    what is keeping me? Having a son that needs special school/education because of his adhd and being dyslectic. I don’t think there are proper institutions to give him the help he has here in Holland. Also my ex doesn’t want him to be too far away.. 🙁