Why I love Ibiza so much?

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My work requires me to travel all over the world, From Brazil to Miami and even to Hong Kong. One of my closest friends moved to Hong Kong to follow his dream. “Why China?” is a question I have always asked myself. I guess everybody has their favourite spot in the world. Four times a year I travel to Hong Kong to see my best friend Sergio because have a business together.

Imagine a plane full of people for 12 hours and all you smell is sweat, the air is dry and the seats are always too small, even for me. Once you arrive in China, you cannot be anything else but be relieved to get out of that little box people call an airplane. If you have never been to Hong Kong you will not believe me if I say that the streets are always crowded by thousands (yes, that’s correct) of people.
People are like robots, it seems that in China people shut off their emotions. Everything goes fast, too fast for me.

That’s why I love and appreciate Ibiza so much. Everything and everyone on this beautiful white island is nothing but relaxed. People always smile and seem very happy. The people that come to Ibiza are immediately affected and blessed by the magical energy the island has. I’ve been to many places in the world, but nothing compares to the love and affection people have for each other in Ibiza. You can make friends easily with people from all over the world, but when you are in Ibiza you’ll find that people do not judge. Whether you are gay or straight, black or white, male or female, old or young, it really does not matter.

I can hear you think, “Isn’t Ibiza exclusively for clubbing and partying “. Yes, that is true, Ibiza is the party capital of the world, but Ibiza has many different faces. There are astounding and beautiful bays that make you feel like you are the only one in the world. The place has fantastic small restaurants on locations beyond your imagination and breathtaking sunsets you can share with the person you love.
Marisa and I fell in love with Ibiza and we wish that everybody can experience Ibiza’s magical love and energy she has to offer to mankind. I could talk for hours about this magical island, but you really should experience it yourself. In all: book your flight and give Ibiza a try. We promise you that you will not regret this for a second. Please feel free to share your Ibiza experience with us by leaving a comment.

Virgil is the co founder of Ibiza Inside and together with Marisa he has a mission to help as many people all around the world to become better versions of themselves In body,mind and lifestyle. Ibiza is his base and the world is his stage.

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  1. vicodin

    Do you think anyone will be champion of Euro 2012?

  2. What do you mean my friend?


    Virgil & Marisa

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  9. Pharme210

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    good to know this kind of site exists. i and my boyfriend have booked a trip to ibiza, in september and we are really looking forward to spending time together.. although i was scared of feeling funny when we get there as we are black..but i guess i’ll keep an open mind and have the time of my life.. thanks!!!


    We wish you the best holiday in the world and we are sure that you will have the time of your life.. When you have some more questions you know where to find us,,


    Marisa & Virgil

  16. Sarah

    Ibiza is hands down the most amazing place
    On earth !!!!!

  17. SigrunKarineEld

    This is Ibiza – for me:
    Enjoy the solitude of hidden places, read a masterwork while caressed by a gentle breeze from the sea, take a long siesta in the shade of a fig tree, and practise yoga on the beach under the final rays of the sun. Get excited before a work of art, stop cramming too much into the day, find your balance in the laid-back notion of time that marks island life, and be aware of what you are, not what you appear to be. Meet the foaming breakers full on, let yourself be hypnotised by the song of cicadas, feel the softness of the sand beneath your bare feet, and finish off the day with a smile. Wake up with no goals, go for a walk and pick daisies, whistle invented tunes and make yourself a necklace out of seashells. Remember that there’s always tomorrow, that the best is happening today, that the sun of Ibiza fills you with energy, and that the reflection of the moon is caressing you in the sea. Give your desires a rest, rub out the areas of shadow, remove the padlocks on your dreams and let the magic of Ibiza filter through into your interior world.

  18. Hi Sigrun

    What a beautiful way of describing your love for Ibiza… We should publis this on our blog….:) x

    Marisa & Virgil

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  20. Georgia

    Are there any black people in Ibiza??

  21. Yes there are people from all over the world on Ibiza…:)

  22. I was one of the few crazy americans that survived a summer in Ibiza as a ticket seller. I came there on my own and spent all summer there. There is definitely an energy on the island, it’s unlike any other island or beach I’ve ever been to. And once you go there, you understand. But it’s those days where we would rent a car or get lost in a random beach cove. I met some of the most incredible people there. And I’m sure I’ll be back again. This time with a residency.

  23. Karin

    I looooove the truth of your article.
    Ibiza has a history that most clubbers ignore….it’s also one of the 3 most etherical point in the World… (with the Triangle of the Bermudes and an other Island in the pacific,they’re forming a perfect Triangle)
    The scientifics found that under the island there’s a enormous plaque of amethyst which has a massive energetical properties , power,and act as a purificator of the atmosphere on the whole Island.
    Some places are hidden by the oldest Ibizencos from any form of turism , like a little lakes in Tanit’Valley where if you deep dive you’ll see this huge amount of Quartz ….if ,if…..you have the aproval and the guidance of the oldest to find it!)
    Ibiza was more than Clubs and bars for Centuries before .
    Ibiza was the main center of the commercial business of the African Kingdom and its God was Beth (The God of the Music;of the laughter,of the derision and of the good luck. The Ibizencos were placing a little statue of Beth in a corner of their Kitchen to preserve the abundance and the good mood in their House .The ancients are saying that Beth also had decided to completely protect the Island of the armful or venimious animals (Until now there’s no snakes ,spiders,or any venimious animals in Ibiza.But that’s mostly because of the intense energetical power of the amethyst under the ground ) ,than the Island got adopted by lots of different civilasations until the Bisantine Empire took it for a very long time . Tanit was their Goddess , the divinity of true Love and of the female energy ,beauty,sweetness,and wiseness (but a Legend says that the husband of Tanit ,once, cheated on her, so before she died she send some witchcraft on the Island to control that the couples that would arrive to live in Ibiza that would really love each other or they would have to break up on the Island!
    But she also said that if 2 people would meet and find the true Love on the Island, they would stay together and be happy forever on the Island!
    Ibiza arrived the Muslims Empire the that didn’t stay long cause Ibiza became part of Rome and than got caught by the Spanish Empire.
    When Franco imposed his dictature, strangly he said to “send all the prisoners;all the marginals ,artists, and anyone that he didn’t want in Spain.
    The island became the ideal place to live…
    I could continue with tones of stories, Legends but it would take me hours …..Ibiza is much more than a relaxing place where a feeling of freedom and clarity invades you…it’s a sacred place that adopts you or reject you …Ibiza has its proper life and decides who stays to make a Life there and who will never be able to settle down in it!
    Ibiza is Scorpio by the Zodiac and it shows you exactly what you have to carry on and what you have to stop for your own good.
    It’s a privilege to be adopted by this amazing little piece of Earth that charges yoir batteries and clear your mind.

    Ibiza has to be respected and loved …if not…you’ll have to leave quickly.

  24. Thank you so much Karin for your beautiful comment. Looking forward meeting you in Ibiza

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