Wild Beets Ibiza by Rachel Wake


I was recently fortunate enough to visit Wild Beets, the latest vegan/raw food restaurant to open on the island. Wild Beets is like a breath of fresh air for me. Being vegan in Ibiza has in the past been slightly tricky when eating out but it seems times are changing and more and more eateries are offering vegan friendly options. Even better, more and more vegan restaurants are opening up.

At Wild Beets I don’t need to check with the waiter for hidden ingredients, I can order anything on the menu with confidence, a luxury for vegans. However Wild Beets is not just for vegan/raw foodies, anyone would be happy, content and fully satisfied eating from this varied and vibrant menu.

Cool interior

The interior is cool, light and spacious with lovely big wooden tables and comfortable chairs. There is also some outside seating at the front of the restaurant surrounded in luscious green plants. The atmosphere immediately felt friendly and relaxed. We were greeted by the manager as we walked through the door, who along with his staff, looked after us, advised and guided us through the menu. Well-behaved dogs are also allowed to join you inside.

What’s on the menu

The menu consists of all vegan/raw food dishes including soups, burgers, tacos, chilli, quinoa salad, detox salads, superfood cake, raw chocolate cake and the very special beetroot cake.

Also on offer is a wide range of delicious sounding breakfasts including green juices, superfood smoothies, gluten free tostadas and the one I am returning for soon.. raw walnut banana pancake. We were there for lunch so we opted for the warm pumpkin soup and nachos to start. All raw and all delicious.

The vegan burger

Then came the vegan burger (made from chickpeas and 4 superfoods) accompanied with fat chips and sweet potato chips, salad, homemade tomato ketchup and the most delicious mango sauce I’ve ever tried. The burger was divine and served in a ‘melt in the mouth’ soda bread bun. For dessert we asked for the raw chocolate cake to share but they had run out. Never have I been so happy that chocolate cake has run out because it meant we tried the beetroot cake….. super melt-in-your-mouth heavenly goodness. Highly recommended.


All washed down with a glass of organic house red (organic beers on offer too) and a fresh pot of peppermint tea. I didn’t want this meal to end, every mouthful was a party in my mouth! As you can see from the photos the presentation was immaculate and myself and my husband felt extremely satisfied with all aspects of the meal, including the service.

Starters were around 8€ Main courses ranged from 10-15€ and the superfood raw cakes were around 10€ breakfasts 8€-10€

The location

Situated on the main road through Santa Gertrudis right in the centre of the island Wild Beets is easily accessible from all areas of Ibiza and easy to find. It is well worth a drive.There is plenty of parking around the area too. Saturday afternoons include live acoustic music.

I felt like a child in a sweet shop when we visited Wild Beets, except the food is sugar free, dairy free, gluten free…….and the list goes on. This restaurant offers super healthy food bursting with taste, goodness and made with love and precision. Some of it looks too good to eat!

I highly recommend Wild Beets for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The food will satisfy your taste buds and appetite. There is something on the menu for everyone, you do not need to be a vegan or health fanatic to get a delicious meal here but if you are one of those two mentioned, you will be in heaven.

What is your favourite restaurant in Ibiza?


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