How to Build a DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

diy coffe table

1. Glue the highest and therefore the shelf

I started the project by gluing the highest and therefore the shelf together in order that they could dry while I cut the joinery for the bottom . the highest is your centerpiece and you’ll really change up the design counting on the layout of the table. When working with planks with knots and crazy grain, it is a good idea to vary the planks to ascertain what looks best.

2. Cut the table legs

2a) Cut the table legs to length

The legs are 2 × 2 stock I and cut them to final length on the miter saw. I used a stop block for repeatability during these cuts.

2b) Make a tapered template

I am using my super basic tapered jig again, I also used this once I built my modern outdoor chair. It’s literally just a bit of plywood with a couple of retainers. But adding recording blocks makes it even easier to use during this project. With the recording blocks in situ , i’m ready to make repeatable cones and cuts on all four legs with only one setup.

3. Make sides for the DIY cocktail table

3a) Drill holes with a self-centering jig

Next, I made the edges of the DIY cocktail table . It could are wiped out minutes with pocket holes, but i made a decision to use dowel joinery instead. The ankles are centered on the leg for the upper connectors but are flush with the within of the leg for the lower parts. I made layout lines for the situation of the pegs.

3b) Drill holes with a drill press

So after drilling holes within the bottom rail, I dry assemble the side assembly to form sure everything looks good.

4. Add stretchers to the table legs

Then I made bound to label all of my parts in order that I could easily match them later. confirm you get the detailed blueprints for this build, which include labeled parts, cut-away drawings, and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

5. Preparing the table top

After getting the side assemblies within the clamps, I returned to figure on the highest and therefore the shelf. I used my JET 18-36 electric sander to flatten the panels. If you do not have a electric sander , you’ll still use a belt sander to flatten your table top. But I highly recommend that you simply put cookies on top while gluing to stay it as flat as possible.

6. Dry fit the cocktail table

You can now see that the lower dowels completely block the dowel holes for the long stretcher.

7. Finish and assemble the DIY cocktail table

I used pocket holes on the highest stretchers and that they are going to be attached once the shelf is in situ . it’ll save me an incredible amount of headache during assembly and finishing.

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