How to Make a Simple Garden Planter Box

One of my favorite things is that the weather and being outside planting flowers and dealing on my garden! Over the years, I even have planted different gardens. a few years ago we planted two huge sq ft garden boxes. And a couple of years ago I turned a side area into a garden with a vinyl garden box. Now that we are in our forever home, I knew I wanted to form a garden here too!\

There are a few reasons I love a planter box versus just planting veggies in the ground.

there are a few reasons I love a planter box versus just planting veggies in the ground

There are several reasons why i prefer a planter over just planting vegetables within the ground.

  • the primary is that creating a garden with trees is simpler to garden. Having the raised beds makes it easier to access the plants.
  • Line the box with a weed barrier to stay the beds cleaner without weeds.
  • one more reason I prefer planters is that they’re a simple thanks to garden during a yard of any size.

Planters make gardening easy, no matter the dimensions of the yard

planters make gardening easy no matter the dimensions of the yard

Since our new home is right within the city centre , our yard is sort of small. albeit we’ve a smaller yard, I knew we could still have a garden. i really like the 100+ year old trees in our new home, but it created a difficult situation when deciding where to put our garden. The yard is that the brightest, so it made more sense to make a garden within the yard .

You can plant a garden within the yard

you can plant a garden within the yard

We decided to place our planter within the yard which gets the foremost sun. we’ve created an easy planter that enhances our home and appears great within the yard .

Planters make wonderful sq ft gardens

This is the sq ft garden that we built a couple of years ago

Planters work great with sq ft gardens. you’ll maximize the yield of the merchandise you’ll grow by using the sq ft gardening technique.

Planters facilitate the expansion of plants vertically

To get the foremost out of your space, build trellises and / or pergolas to travel over your garden, allowing plants to grow vertically and maximizing your planter space.

Decide on the dimensions and number of boxes you would like to make

We decided to start out with a reasonably large planter for our garden. Our box is 4 feet wide by 6 feet long. If we were to use the sq ft method, that might mean we’ve 24 boxes to plant.

Don’t make the width of your planter too wide

I recommend 4 feet because the longest width you’d wish to create. the rationale is that you simply got to be ready to reach and look after the plants. A box that’s overlarge won’t allow you to succeed in your plants. you do not want to possess to climb over the highest of the planter. Make a maintenance free vinyl garden box.

Create any length of planter

Make your planter (s) for as long because it is sensible for your garden. i really like the thought of running long planters over your fence.

People also ask

What quite wood should i exploit for a planter?

Cedar and redwood are naturally waterproof , but are often expensive and hard to seek out . Hemlock, fir, and pine are suitable materials for raised beds, but don’t last very long. Pressure treated lumber is an option.

What does one line a planter with?

Line the whole planter with a sheet of plastic, trim it in order that it reaches but doesn’t protrude over the sting . Staple the plastic all the way round the rim. employing a screwdriver or sharp stick, poke the drilled drainage holes to permit excess water to empty from the plastic liner.

Should you put stones at rock bottom of a planter?

In general, it’s not necessary to place stones at rock bottom of the flowerpots. One stone to hide the drainage hole is enough – only enough in order that the soil doesn’t shake rock bottom but water can flow freely through the pot. Putting stones in flowerpots doesn’t help drainage or improve air circulation.

Can I use plywood for a planter?

When using wood for the edges , a plywood bottom allows you to create a raised bed on concrete legs or blocks or it can create a weed barrier when placed directly on the bottom . If placed on the bottom , add a layer of gravel to permit drainage under the plywood bottom. … Choose plywood a minimum of 3/4 of an in. thick.

How am i able to prevent my wooden planter from rotting?

Peat moss mixed with vermiculite or sand may be a perfect choice. don’t use garden soil because it is way too heavy and can compact together, preventing proper drainage. Install your planter on bricks or pieces of wood to go away a minimum of 2 inches of space for air circulation.

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