How to Make the Butterfly Feeder DIY

Butterfly Feeder DIY

Step by step

First, cut 5 lengths of masonry wire about 3 feet long. I used 5 pieces of string because I even have 5 petal notches on my plate. If you’re employing a round plate with a wall rack, you ought to only need 4 lengths of string. Wrap the pieces of string through the metal ring and tie a double knot. don’t be concerned about the endings just yet.

If you’re using beads, add them about 12 inches from the highest . confirm the beads are all lined up evenly. Then tie a knot under each bead.

Tie all the strings together about 6 inches from the beads. Cut the surplus mason’s line half an in. from the knot. Use a lighter or a candlelight to lightly melt the sides of the strings. I melted mine right down to the bottom of the knot. do that also at the knot that fixes the metal ring. this may keep any fraying cornered and help prevent the knot from slipping.

Place the plate within the rack and hang it during a sunny spot in your garden. Then add some butterfly food and watch them eat.

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