How to Make Modern Macrame Plant Hangers

Macrame is back! If you haven’t received the memo about the revival of ’70s crafts like terrariums, hanging plants, and macrame, heed this warning. I’ve seen plants hanging in knotted rope everywhere, from trendy vegan restaurants to upscale designer boutiques, and now they’re adorning the pages of Tara Heibel and Tassy’s book of Give on Creative Indoor Planting, you recognize that it’ll appear everywhere.

List of materials

Three 100 “lengths of 3⁄16” thick cotton cord
1 “to 11⁄4″ brass hoop or ring
Hook or nail attached to the wall (to hold the macrame while you work)
The scissors
Colorful rope
8 ” glass bowl
Rocks for drainage (we recommend lava rock)
Potting soil
Plants suitable for an 8 inch container (such as Stephanotis and Hoya plants)
Decorative foam (optional)

make modern macrame plant hangers

Step by step

  1. Slide the three cords through the metal ring until the ring is in their middle. If you hold the record , you’ll have six cords to figure with, each 50 inches long .
  2. Use all six lengths to tie a knot firmly against the ring. Tie the knot as tight as possible by pulling each cord individually.
  3. Hang the ring on a hook or nail attached to a wall. this may allow you to use both hands while you’re employed.
  4. Divide the cords into three groups of two. Tie an knot in each 18-inch pair under the ring. you’ll have three nodes that line up horizontally. confirm each knot is tight.
  5. Take a sequence of two adjacent knotted pairs and tie them together during a knot about 5 inches from the previous knot.
  6. Repeat step 5 until all the beams are tied together. This creates a zigzag pattern among the cords.
  7. About 5 or 6 inches below the second set of knots, tie the six lengths together to form an outsized final knot. Pull each cord individually to form sure the knot is as tight as possible.
  8. Use scissors to chop the cords to the specified length.
  9. Wrap the coloured string round the individual cords to make 4 inch blocks of color (or any length you like). Tie a knot and stop any excess string. Now that you’ve got finished your macrame hanger, you’ll start planting the container.
  10. Place about 1 inch of sunshine rocks within the bottom of the glass bowl. Fill the bowl with 3 inches of potting soil.
  11. Remove the plant from its container and massage the roots to loosen the soil. Place the plant within the glass bowl and fill the edges with potting soil, then pat the soil firmly. Place decorative moss on the ground (optional).
  12. Place the bowl directly over rock bottom knot and pull the edges of the cords to make a band it sits on. Pull all of the long plant stems through the macrame to form sure the plant is resting evenly on all sides.

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